Here you'll find some info and visuals for the logo design.

This is an example of our old logo. We like the bold, round letters and the color use of green. use this as an example :

Fonts for inspiration are:

Polly rounded : https://www.dfonts.org/fonts/polly-rounded-font/

HK nova rounded: https://creativemarket.com/hankendesign/1270756-HK-Nova-Rounded


We would like to include the theme of ‘knights’ and the tale of king arthur and the knights of the round table. This is the theme that came forward after team brainstorms. In Belgium we have the expression: klant is koning. In English: Our client is king. 

This fits perfectly with the theme. But we strugled to get it implemented in the logo and still professional looking. Example of things we liked: 

We thought about making a small icon with the letters W and C (from Webcollective)

Where the letters mixed and formed a minimalist crown or sword as seen in the picture.

Logo's that we like (style):

Look and feel:

Minimalist & professional. 

THANKYOU, We love it already 😀